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Summary of emergency measures undertaken in Romania within the context of COVID-19

Following the rapid spread of the virus SARS-CoV-2, a state of emergency was declared by Decree of the President of Romania on March 16th, 2020, followed by several additional initiatives to contain the virus spread. The main restrictive measures aim to (i) restrict movement of people (quarantine, isolation, work from home) and (ii) suspend activities involving groups of people (schools, restaurants, hotels, and any cultural scientific, artistic, religious, sports, entertainment or gambling, spa treatment and personal care activities, held in confined spaces).

In order to help the population affected by the restrictions adopted and to limit the related economic impact, the government implemented the following measures:

1. Technical Unemployment

For the duration of the emergency state, the compensation for employees in case of the technical unemployment, set at 75% from the base salary, is partially supported by the unemployment insurance budget, up to 75% of the gross average wage stipulated by law (effectively capping the state aid at a gross value of RON 4,071.75).

The benefactors of the measure are the employers that are either affected directly by the emergency state (such as hotels, restaurants etc) or indirectly affected, by registering in March 2020 a decrease in revenues of at least 25% compared to the average of the revenue from January to February 2020.

The measure also partially apply (to 75% of the affected employees) for the employers which register 25% decrease of revenues and do not have the financial capacity to pay all.

2. Paid leave for parents

Due to the closure of schools and kindergartens, paid leave is granted to one of the parents for the supervision of the children. The allowance for each free day is paid from the employer's income and expenses budget and is 75% of the base salary corresponding to a working day, but not more than the daily correspondent of 75% of the gross average salary used to substantiate the social insurance budget.

3. Work from home and telework regime

It is recommended to carry out work from home or to use telework regime in situations where such measures are possible, taking into account the activity performed by the employee.

Field of justice general status

The statute of limitation and the deadlines of any kind do not start, if they have started, they are suspended for the entire duration of the emergency state.

Only civil trials and criminal cases considered urgent are to be ruled. Other cases that are not urgent, are suspended during the state of emergency.

Deadlines for appeals and other remedies are interrupted and new deadlines with same duration will start at the end of the state of emergency.

During the state of emergency, the criminal statute of limitation is suspended where no prosecution or criminal proceedings are carried out or where the criminal trial is suspended.

Enforcement procedures continue with observance of the deadlines exceptions and movement/contact restriction.

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