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Changes to Bulgaria Regulations of Photovoltaic Projects

Changes to Bulgaria Regulations of Photovoltaic Project In mid-October 2023 were introduced significant changes to Bulgarian regulations of renewable energy ( “RE” ) projects. Those would concern both, projects in progress and future projects. Below is a summary of the changes:

Upcoming Amendment to the Labour Code

Upcoming Amendment to the Labour Code 13 September 2023 The Chamber of Deputies adopted an amendment to the Labour Code on Tuesday. The amendment is expected to come into force as early as 1 October 2023 (depending on the date of its execution by the president of the Czech Republic and...

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Since 2000 we have always helped our clients in their real business, supported cumbersome decisions and stood behind their strategic plans.

Our people have deep knowledge of commercial law, they are familiar with legal conditions in real estate, ICT, energy, or banking.

We fully understand business consequences of legal steps. Wherever they may be taken, from M&As, IP management, over project financing and restructuring, to financial consequences and taxes.

We consistently care about the professional development of our team, and thus, we are ready to deliver complex commercial transactions on a very high level.

That’s why we are regularly recognized among the best law firms in Central and Eastern Europe.

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