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E-mail contracts (finally) valid in Czech labour law?

Recently, a decision of the Supreme Court case no. 21 Cdo 2061/2021 caused a considerable stir among the professional public. In this decision the Supreme Court addressed a question of whether (some) contracts can be validly concluded remotely in employment relationships. In particular, it...

Opening door to (even) more contractual freedom

In its recent decision, the Supreme Court has accepted a broader concept of contractual autonomy and allowed the use of fictions and presumption in contracts. In law these instruments are used in times when it is necessary to artificially create a situation with which certain legal...

New rules for developers in Prague

On January 27, 2022, the Prague City Council adopted a new Methodology of Participation of Investors in the development of Prague. This Methodology represent the first unified concept for the entire Capital of the Czech Republic and it introduces quite a few changes. So, what is new?

Green Energy in Romania - Now & Future

With the current demand for energy on the rise and aiming for a target of 30.7% of renewable energy in 2030, Romania is looking to add to the green certificate support scheme by implementing reforms in the energy sector to encourage further development of renewable energy capacities....

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Since 2000 we have always helped our clients in their real business, supported cumbersome decisions and stood behind their strategic plans.

Our people have deep knowledge of commercial law, they are familiar with legal conditions in real estate, ICT, energy, or banking.

We fully understand business consequences of legal steps. Wherever they may be taken, from M&As, IP management, over project financing and restructuring, to financial consequences and taxes.

We consistently care about the professional development of our team, and thus, we are ready to deliver complex commercial transactions on a very high level.

That’s why we are regularly recognized among the best law firms in Central and Eastern Europe.

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