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Draft Metropolitan Plan released for public comments

On 16 April 2018, the Magistrate of the Capital City of Prague has released the official draft of the new zoning plan for the Capital City of Prague (the Metropolitan Plan). The proposed draft documentation is available here.  

The draft Metropolitan plan is now available to public for review and will be soon open for public comments. Written comments can be submitted by anyone from 27 June 2018 to 27 July 2018. Please note that the comments which will be submitted later will be disregarded in accordance with the Building Act.

The proposal of the Metropolitan plan will be afterwards modified based on the comments received and the second round of public commenting shall follow subsequently. The length of the procedure leading to adoption of the Metropolitan plan will depend on the number of comments received. The Magistrate estimates that the Assembly of the Capital City might have the final vote on the finalized proposal around 2022.

The official press release of the Magistrate (in Czech) is available here. For more information on the Metropolitan plan, see the official website of the Prague Institute of Planning and Development

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