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International Investment Agreements and EU law - author Tomáš Fecák

Our colleague Tomáš Fecák in cooperation with the publishing house Wolters Kluwer has recently published book titled International Investment Agreements and EU law [Mezinárodní dohody o ochraně investic a právo Evropské unie]. The relationship between international investment agreements and EU law has attracted a lot of attention in past few years. The timeliness of the book’s analysis can be demonstrated for example on the ongoing discussions at the EU level following the transfer of the investment competence from Member States to the EU under the Treaty of Lisbon and in particular related to the intention to include investor-to-state dispute settlement in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between EU and USA, or on several so-called intra-EU arbitrations instituted in past years by foreign investors against Central and Eastern European countries (including the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Romania), in which the relationship between international investment agreements and EU law was one of the factors key for the result of the disputes.

Tomáš’s book brings detailed and comprehensive analysis of this overly complex and multi-layered relationship and may be found useful not only by academic specialists on international law and EU law or students, but also by practitioners and investors who encounter some of the issues dealt with in their practice. The high quality of the analysis has been acknowledged by doc. Vladimír Balaš in his book review (the full text of the review is accessible here). The works on the English version of the book, which should be published in 2016, are currently underway. Our congratulations to Tomáš!

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